Teachers Teaching Teachers About Technology: Conference on Digital Writing

Building on the success of the 4T (Teachers Teaching Teachers about Technology) Virtual Conference, this October will see the launch of a new, satellite conference, the 4T Virtual Conference on Digital Writing. Using the abbreviation “4TDW” for its hashtag, this unique conference experience offers timely, flexible professional development on digital writing to a wide audience.

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According to the conference website:

… participants will explore the complexities of teaching writing in a digital age in which students potentially play the role of writer, multimedia creator, collaborator, publisher, reader/viewer/audience member, and critic during their online engagement both during and outside of school.  This four-day event will also provide a space for dialogue between K-12 and university educators about the ways that the teaching of writing is enacted in schools, colleges, workplaces, and communities.

“I’m honored to be part of this first 4T on digital writing, as both an organizer and a presenter,” says CRWP Director, Troy Hicks. “Delia DeCourcy from Oakland Schools and the rest of the 4T team have planned an incredible event.”

Hicks will present “Make. Write. Repeat.” a keynote at 7:00 PM EST on Wednesday, October 14. Following that keynote, he will participate in a facilitated discussion to reflect on ideas raised throughout the conference. The 4TDW event, which is completely online and free, will also include opportunities to interact with two dozen teacher leaders and university faculty, many of whom are affiliated with the Chippewa River Writing Project.

Jeremy Hyler, a co-director of CRWP and teacher at Fulton Middle School, will offer a featured session on Monday, October 12 at 5:15 EST: “Creating, Composing, and Connecting with Digital Literature Circles.” Additionally, CRWP teacher consultant Jill Runstrom is on the 4TDW Planning Committee this year, and, along with TC Janet Neyer, will participate as a moderator for featured speaker sessions.

“The 4T conferences bring people from all over the world into the comfort of one’s home at no cost to the participant,” says Runstrom. “The sessions are engaging and interactive, and I know I will come away with pragmatic, cutting-edge information I can implement tomorrow in my classroom.”

Partners for the 4T Virtual Conference on Digital Writing
Partners for the 4T Virtual Conference on Digital Writing

The 4TDW features a number of other National Writing Project teacher consultants as well as nationally-known speakers such as Elyse Eidman-Aadahl, Ph.D., Executive Director of the National Writing Project; Prof. David Bruce, Ph.D. & Prof. Suzanne Miller, Ph.D., University of Buffalo, SUNY; Prof. Kristen Turner, Ph.D., Fordham University; and Prof. Jeff Grabill, Ph.D., Michigan State University. Descriptions of all conference sessions for this 4-day event can be found in the conference schedule online.

To register for this free, virtual event, please visit the conference registration page, and add “#4TDW” to your list of social media tags worth watching in the month to come.

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