CRWP Summer Small Group PhotoThe Chippewa River Writing Project (CRWP), as a site of the National Writing Project (NWP) at Central Michigan University, will further the mission of both organizations by improving the teaching and learning of writing in Michigan’s schools and local communities. CMU faculty and local teachers involved in the CRWP will focus outreach activities in mid- and northern Michigan that support the teaching and learning of writing.

Since our founding in 2009, we have developed relationships with teachers and schools that will support quality writing instruction and, in turn, will better prepare our students for college, work, and community service. Specific opportunities vary based on faculty and teacher interests and the site’s capacity, yet we strive to

  • strengthen CMU’s Public Engagement and External Partnerships efforts;
  • invite local teachers – many of whom are CMU alumni – back for graduate course work, compete for additional grant and foundation monies; and
  • increase CMU presence in local, state, and national conversations about the teaching of English language arts.

Summer Institute

Teachers who apply to participate in the Chippewa River Writing Project’s Summer Institute meet on CMU’s campus each day for four weeks to practice the art of writing, participate in reading and writing groups, and share their teaching practices with a group of supportive colleagues. Over the course of the summer, participants learn a variety of strategies for integrating writing into their classroom instruction. Since 2009, we have offered 6 full summer institutes serving more than 70 teachers as well as numerous open institutes.

Professional Development

Teachers who complete the summer institute are eligible to become “teacher consultants” for CRWP. In this role, they lead presentations at conferences and conduct PD workshops for their peers around the state of Michigan. Since 2009, we have delivered over thousands of contact hours of PD to hundreds of teachers.


After they participate in an invitational summer institute, Chippewa River Writing Project teacher consultants meet through a variety of continuity events. From opportunities to socialize and write to showcases of teacher research, CRWP participants find chances to reconnect with one another, share their writing, and celebrate teaching.

Youth Programs

Since the summer of 2010, CRWP has offered eight summers of  various youth camp opportunities, inviting students to campus to learn about writing in a fun, engaging manner.

CRWP continues to seek opportunities to partner with community stakeholders and develop innovative literacy programs. Please contact our director, Troy Hicks, with questions that you might have about CRWP professional development opportunities.

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