Celebrating 15 Years of CRWP: The 2010 Institute and the Launch of Youth Camps

This year, the CRWP celebrates its 15th anniversary! Each week, we are looking back and celebrating all of our participants through the years.
The 2010 summer institute was the second institute the CRWP hosted since becoming a site of the National Writing Project.

Seventeen teachers from mid-Michigan attended the 2010 invitational summer institute led by Troy Hicks, Susan Steffel, Penny Lew, and Kathy Kurtze. Many of the 2010 cohort of teachers have continued to be involved and serve in leadership roles with CRWP.

In 2010 the CRWP also launched its first youth camps. These writing camps for kids ran in the summer and were often concurrent with the institute. Participants in the institute had the opportunity to conference with young writers attending the camp.

CRWP Director Troy Hicks recently reflected on the experience of working with his own daughter in the 2010 summer institute:

Principles, Practices, Processes: Nurturing a Writing Project Site through Changing Times

Hooray for young writers! ?

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