Co-Director Jeremy Hyler speaks at Alma College’s First TEDx Event

What happens to students and teachers when they create, compose, and connect in the media that feels natural to them?  On January 24th, Chippewa River Writing Project Co-Director Jeremy Hyler spoke at the 1st Alma College TEDx Talks.  Jeremy, a 2000 graduate of Alma College and member of the 2010 CRWP cohort, spoke about his journey from feeling disconnected with students to engaging them in new and creative ways. In particular, he notes the CRWP Summer Institute as pivotal in his journey toward connecting anew with his students.  Watch his TED talk below and if you are attending the Annual Conference for the Michigan Association for Computer Users in Learning (MACUL) this week,  join Jeremy and co-author Troy Hicks in a session that focuses on techniques from their book, Create, Compose, Connect, that teachers can use to meet students where they are.



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