CRWP Director Featured on NWP’s BlogTalkRadio

As one of three featured guests on the February 11, 2010, episode of the National Writing Project’s periodic web-based radio show, BlogTalkRadio, CRWP Director Troy Hicks talked about the ways in which writing project sites choose readings for their summer institute participants.

NWP BlogTalkRadio (2-11-10)

Hicks focused his attention on how the CRWP Leadership Team invites participants to read selections that encompass five broad themes:

  • To get an overview of the NWP, as well as its principles and practices;
  • To be inspired as a writer;
  • To begin thinking about teacher research;
  • To better understand digital writing; and
  • To engage in one’s own personal inquiry about the teaching of writing.

Moreover, he discussed the ways in which CRWP teachers use the discussion forum features of their wiki to carry on professional conversations about the texts that they read, as well as the ways in which participants last summer created podcasts as a response to a text about digital writing.

As the CRWP Leadership Team continues to plan for the 2010 Summer Institute, they will continue to build on these themes to find books, articles, and online readings that will enhance participants’ experiences over the four week invitational.

As a way to begin that conversation, we wonder… what professional texts do you think would be worth considering for this summer?

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