Happy Holidays for the Chippewa River Writing Project

shannon christmas

Tuesday, December 8th, 2009 marked the Chippewa River Writing Project’s first annual Holiday Party, coordinated by co-director Kathy Kurtze.  Members of the CRWP team reunited once again at the Anspach Hall Writing Center to celebrate friends and fellowship during the holiday season, and anticipate the future of the CRWP as it moves into the New Year.

The evening featured delicious homemade snacks, a gift exchange full of surprises, and time for journaling, as members of the team recalled and shared their favorite holiday memories.

christmas writing

While the holidays offer a moment to relax with friends and family, they are also a time that reminds members of the CRWP of the teamwork and camaraderie that has carried them through their first, exciting year as a NWP site.  Now, with January upon us, the leadership team turns once more to the work ahead of them as they plan for growth and development into 2010, beginning with Troy Hicks and Penny Lew attending the National Writing Project’s New Site Leadership Retreat over MLK weekend.

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