2018 Summer Leadership Institute

Summer 2018 Leadership Institute

CRWP 2018 Cohort

For 2018, K-12 and college educators were invited you to participate in a one-week institute in Mount Pleasant Public Schools co-facilitated by Andy Schoenborn and Troy Hicks. Colleagues included:

  • Amanda Carey, MPHS
  • Andrew Eisenga, McBain Schools
  • Sheryl Gentry, Mt. Pleasant GI-TEC
  • Kristie Jackson, MPMS
  • Tyler Judd, Harrison MS
  • Lori Lillie, MP MS/HS
  • Terri Reeves, St. Louis HS
  • Laurie Richards, Fancher Elem
  • Alexia Torres, MPHS
  • Margo Wilson, Fancher Elem
  • Zoe Yang, Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Tianjin, China

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