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Thursday, May 14, 2009

CMU becomes site for National Writing Project

New site to bring technology to schools in central and northeastern Michigan

Michigan teachers will benefit from professional development in writing and technology through a new site of the National Writing Project at Central Michigan University. The establishment of the Chippewa River Writing Project makes Michigan the third largest network of National Writing Project locations in the nation… More


Announcing the Chippewa River Writing Project

Working with local K-12 educators and university officials, five faculty members in the English Department at Central Michigan University submitted a grant proposal in September of 2008 for a site of the National Writing Project (NWP), the Chippewa River Writing Project (CRWP).

Awarded funding from NWP in November of 2008, and supplied with matching funds from CMU, the College of Humanities and Social and Behavioral Sciences, and the College of Education and Human Services, CRWP will host its inaugural summer institute in the summer of 2009.

Application materials for the 2009 summer institute will be made available on this website in the first weeks of February 2009.

For more information, please visit the “About” page or contact CRWP Director, Troy Hicks, at or 989-774-3236.