Remembered Reading

Connecting Positive YA Memories to Reading Unbound, The Book Whisperer, and Our Students This post is the first in a series designed to connect teachers’ remembered childhood and/or YA independent reading experiences and their current teaching practices to Jeff Wilhelm, Mike Smith, and Sharon Fransen’s new book, Reading Unbound: Why Kids Need to Read What […]

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Resistance, Reluctance, and Readiness: Digital Self-Discovery Through the Summer Institute

“Resistance is futile.”  So says an ominous voice from a Star Trek movie, and so I said to myself as I read the syllabus for the Chippewa River Writing Project summer institute, which I attended last summer.  At the CRWP institute, you see, we would be required to implement…(insert dramatic, suspenseful music)…DIGITAL WRITING TOOLS!!! When […]

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Jeremy 2013 MS Camp

An Interview with Jeremy Hyler

At the 5th Anniversary celebration of the CRWP, I listened with a group of six other teacher-consultants as Jeremy Hyler informally fielded questions about teaching full-time and raising a family while co-authoring Create, Compose, Connect.  Afterward, I realized that many teachers would like to hear Jeremy’s answers, so I invited him to participate in a […]

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