4 Responses to Framing the Flipped Classroom

  1. Elana Waugh says:

    I just recently flipped my grammar instruction to allow more time for writing in the classroom. Since I have done this (a month now), I have been able to conference with more kids and have noticed they have taken ownership of their learning. I am very excited to continue to do this and can’t wait to implement it for the full year next year.

  2. Jeremy Hyler says:

    Thanks for your comment Elana! I am still tweaking my flipped grammar instruction. I would love to hear how you do it in your classroom.

  3. Janet Neyer says:

    Thanks for this, Jeremy! I’ve always struggled with how one might flip English class, and this offers some great ideas. I look forward to your posts about the process of flipping. I am hoping to learn Touchcast along with you!

  4. Jeremy Hyler says:


    I look forward to working with you. Perhaps we could put our brains together and create some impressive flipped lessons.

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